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Review: KILL ORDER Fashions With Slick Martial Arts And Small Scale Sci-Fi

It's been about five years since I began following up on an original sci-fi action project from stuntman and coordinator James Mark. Together with Team 2X and Iron Bay Pictures and following an extensive period of production, Mark's debut feature, Kill Order, is finally on the way and while arguably a tough road to completion, manages to wade through the tedious some and present a noteworthy feature for its target audience.
Stuntman and martial artist, actor Chris Mark debuts as David Lee, a private school student haunted by spells of mania, mysterious flashbacks and a demonic affliction that torments him on a regular basis while in his uncle's care. It wakes up in timely fashion when a fully-armed tactical unit raids his psychology class room, ensuing a treacherous and rollicking fight to protect himself and girlfriend, May, from the small army of killers now hot on their tale. Triggered with unexplained supernatural abilities and with nowhere to run or hide, Lee's l…

THE LEGEND OF KOLOVRAT: Don't Miss The Final Trailer For The Long-Awaited Russian Period Epic

Going by its initial teaser alone, Russian fantasy sword and shield epic, The Legend Of Kolovrat, bodes exactly as the kind of big, eye-popping and gorgeous cinematic feat you would expect from the region in all its shimmering glory. The film, from directing duo Dzhanik Fayziev and Ivan Shurhoveckiy, has since garnered distribution in other territories during its market run in the last few years and, as of Berlinale 2017 will get a release under its international title, Furious, from Well Go USA. 
Time will tell how things rollout while alas, audiences in Russia can expect to see the film's cinematic telling of a mysterious warrior and his sixteen brave soliders as they battle 13th century Mongol military might led by Batu Khan starting November 30 through Central Partnership. Ilya Malakov stars in the film and is central to the narrative as seen in the latest trailer making the rounds which you can check out below.

POPEYED GOLDFISH: Kentaro Reaches Maximum Red In The New Official Trailer

"Bad Boys" comedy duo half, Sata Masaki, had a story to tell once back in 2009 with the publication of his autobiographical novel. That book has since become the subject of Samurai Cat helmer Yamaguchi Yoshitaka's latest film, Popeyed Goldfish, or "Demekin", now readying a release for December 2 with a script by Adachi Shin from AMG, and actor Kentaro starring. As a child, Masaki Sata was teased and bullied because of his appearance and called “Demekin” (popeyed goldfish). He decided to fight back and eventually became unbeatable in fights. His red hair also became a trademark. Masaki Sata and his buddy Atsunari then spent their days fighting and riding motorcycles. After middle school, Masaki Sata went on to high school and Atsunari begins to work at a ramen restaurant.One day, Atsunari comes up with the idea of starting a motorcycle gang with Masaki Sata. What awaits for them are enemies.
The film is back in the spotlight with more than a week to go before it…

JOURNEYMAN: Catch The First Official Trailer For Paddy Considine's New Boxing Drama

Pairing once more with Tyrannosarus cohort, Diarmid Scrimshaw, BAFTA-winning actor Paddy Considine's latest has long been in waiting and now headed for an early U.K. release next year for boxing drama, Journeyman. The film screened for Cannes last year and had since landed at Studiocanal U.K. for its forthcoming February 16, 2018 marking Considine's second turn at the helm in his decorated film career.
Journeyman tells the story of middleweight boxing champion Matty Burton (Paddy Considine). After winning a punishing title defense on points, Matty collapses at home. The journey towards regaining his speech, movement and memory will be the toughest fight he’ll ever face, and the prize could not be greater, for his relationship with his wife Emma (Jodie Whittaker) and baby daughter Mia are on the line… Journeyman is a powerful and beautiful story about loss and, ultimately, triumph. It's about our identity, and how in life we sometimes have to dig deep into our soul to discov…

THEORY OF AMBITIONS: Global Films Leads Joint Investment In Philip Yung's Upcoming 2018 Crime Thriller

Acclaimed Port Of Call helmer Philip Yung's period cop thriller, Theory Of Ambitions, is currently being slated for a late 2018 release. For this, Global Group's film shingle, Global Group Films Limited has announced a joint investment with Dadi Century Films (Beijing) Co., Ltd and Mei Ah Film Production Co, Ltd in the new movie being designated as a year-end big budget blockbuster with Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Chiu Wai debuting together on screen.
Per the announcement, the film tells of the legend of four senior Chinese police officers in colonial Hong Kong, when corruption was rife, who influenced both the criminal underworld and the police force, but eventually turned their backs on that way of life, paving the way for a new anti-corruption era in Hong Kong. Rounding out the cast are Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Michael Chow Man-Kin, Michael Hui Koon Man, Du Juan, Louis Cheung, Michael Ning, Ron Ng, Tse Kwan Ho, Maggie Hoyee Cheung and Elaine Kam Yin-Ling.
The move also speaks to t…

THE SHANGHAI JOB: Orlando Bloom Takes Charge In The Latest U.K. Trailer

Going for a much more commercial approach, UK outlet Signature is tackling the early 2018 rollout of Charles Martin's latest action thriller now titled The Shanghai Job. Flickering Myth premiered an official trailer this week for the Orlando Bloom headliner which also has Ip Man 1 and 2 cohorts Lynn Xiong, Simon Yam and Xing Yu starring.
Washed-up private security agent Danny Stratton has been reduced to low level bodyguarding operations, after a botched job when a Van Gogh painting in his care was stolen. He gets a chance to restore his reputation when he’s given the rare opportunity to escort a valuable Chinese antique out of Shanghai. In the course of the mission he is ambushed, and, with the safety of the woman he loves in jeopardy, Danny has to work with his team of experts to save her, whilst also outsmarting the devious mastermind behind the heist. UK audiences will get a stab at the new thriller on VOD beginning January 29, 2018 before snagging the DVD starting February 5 …

MONSTER HUNT 2: Wuba Hits A Roadblock In The Latest Teaser For Raman Hui's Fantasy Sequel

2015 was a milestone year for burgeoning filmmaker Raman Hui. That CG hybrid creature fantasy, Monster Hunt, became the highest grossing film in China until this year is no easy feat to achieve and took quite the ambitious steps it needed to so and now together with producer Bill Kong, the two are back to see if lighting can strike twice with forthcoming sequel, Monster Hunt 2.

Bai Baihe and Jing Boran return with the addition Tony Leung Chiu-wai to continue the story of Wuba, a baby monster born to be king whose survival is the only thing that can stave off civil war in a world where monsters and humans co-exist. Lionsgate is planning a day-and-date release in the U.S. and U.K. to coincide with its Chinese New Year premiere in February.

Previous few teasers haven't been much but this one actually has some footage to it. Check it out!

DEVILS UNTO DUST: New Regency Nabs Film Rights To Forthcoming Novel

Fledgeling author and Texas native Emma Berquist is poised to debut her first novel, Devils Unto Dust next Spring courtesy of HarperCollins via Greenwillow. In the meantime, feature film rights to the book have since been preemptively acquired by New Regency whose Arnon Milchan will produce with Big Talk's Nira Park. Described as TRUE GRIT meets 28 DAYS LATER, Devils Unto Dust tells the story of 17 year old Daisy Wilcox’s journey through 1870’s West Texas during a Reconstruction period plagued by a deadly virus infecting thousands with a rabies-like disease that turns people into murderous “Shakes.” When Daisy’s father disappears, Daisy hires two Shake-hunters who specialize in killing the infected, and sets off into the terrorscape of the western frontier to find him.
"Very occasionally, you read a piece of material that stops you in your tracks. Devils Unto Dust is just such a piece and we’re thrilled Emma's trusting us with adapting,” said Big Talk founder and producer…

Martial Arts Thriller NIGHTSHOOTERS Commences Filming In London, Adds More To Cast

Production has officially begun for UK action thriller, Nightshooters ahead of its Summer 2018 release. Colin and Magpie helmer Marc Price is directing for Ascendant Releasing with word from The Fan Carpet that Band Of Brothers cohorts Doug Allen and BAFTA award-winning Nicholas Aaron have joined the cast.
Allen will play a washed-up B-movie action star next to lead actor Jean-Paul Ly in the role of Donnie, both who accidently stumble upon a gangland hit. Aaron will play one of the leaders of the gang pursuing Donnie and his crewmates. Ly, the burgeoning U.K. actor and martial artist who led Jimmy Henderson's Cambodian action thriller, Jailbreak, to multi-festival acclaim this year, was officially added to the cast at the start of the month.
via The Fan Carpet: “Having worked with Doug twice before, I’m delighted we’ll be collaborating once again on NIGHTSHOOTERS. Doug has a fantastic CV and I’m sure will once again bring an amazing performance to the screen”, says Executive Produ…

Gareth Evans's GANGS OF LONDON Toplines Pulse's TV Slate For Cinemax And Sky

Fan favorite Gareth Huw Evans is on the way with a new serial crime drama, Gangs Of London for HBO's Cinemax and Sky Atlantic. Looking to bring a new "cinematic viewing experience" as Deadline quotes Evans, the show marks a small-screen first for Pulse Films whose Thomas Benski, Founder and Chief Executive, describes the show as the "ideal calling card" to launch Pulse's TV slate.

Readying a 2019 launch, the show is set in contemporary London, now ground zero for international gang warfare as the assassination of a crime boss initiates a power vacuum that uproots the fragile peace between other gangs and sends the underworld into chaos. The show stems from an original idea from Evans and noted cinematographer Matt Flannery best known for lensing the brutal martial arts action scenes in Evans' The Raid and The Raid 2.
Pulse is producing with Jane Featherstone's Sister Pictures co-producing.
Both Evans and Flannery are directing the series as well as…